A domainname is cheaper than you think

What if… what if you have to pay to be on top of Google? What if you don’t?

To be found on Google one can do 2 things: pay and we mean pay a lot and/or make your stuff interesting for your audience and tweak some things on your site.

One of the tweaks is using the keywords for which you want easily to be found in your title, your content, image alt tags AND your domainname. Some SEO expert claim keywords in the domainname is of no use. They are right, the benefit is decreasing, but it is still a magic idea and easy to implement. It still works, we have tested it many times.

So why is it always cheaper to invest in a good domainname instead of paying google over and over again? Suppose you pay 20 cent for a click and after 1000 clicks and 200 EUR/USD spent you have 50 visitors and maybe-maybe 1 sale… If you want this 1 sale every day, this adds up to over 5000 EUR/USD per month. People who don’t believe the math, hurt themselves while trying to beat the obvious and keep experimenting.

Now, who said a one time investment in a virtual real estate asset is (not) a GO ?

Type your keyword in the search box in the right hand corner and discover what we have in mind for you!

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